Lime Venue Portfolio help delegates achieve 5-a-day goal

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Lime Venue Portfolio will maximise nutrient and energy levels in the meeting rooms around the UK booked in 2012. A “5-A-Day Healthy DDR” has been created in partnership with innocent drinks in response to customer demand to see healthier options in the conference and meetings menus. A fruit basket, innocent smoothies and a balanced lunch will all feature in the new DDR from Lime Venue Portfolio.

Richard Kadri-Langford, head of marketing, Lime Venue Portfolio, said: “Aware of event organisers’ ongoing search to find the healthiest and best value for money options for their delegates, we are enhancing our DDR offering to fit with both budgets and waist lines. We are very pleased to work hand in hand with innocent on this project as its product is highly regarded for its nutritional value.

“Research shows that the food we eat has a big impact on our concentration levels. By working with innocent to create the ‘5-a-day’ DDR we hope to help event organisers deliver more successful events by giving delegates the natural energy boost they need.”

The 5-a-Day Healthy DDR is valid from January to March 2012 and is priced from £35 to £55 plus VAT depending on venue location.