Marion Gamel: Smart moves

EventBriteThere are numerous benefits to using mobile technology before and during your event, explains Marion Gamel, Eventbrite‘s vice president marketing, EMEA.

For the past couple of years, no presentation or sales pitch has been considered worth the paper it’s printed on if it does not comprise the words mobile or social media. What is the buzz about? Concretely, can mobile technology really enhance an event from the organiser’s and the attendee’s point of view? The short answer is yes. What mobile technology can do for an event is quite impressive.

Mobile technology enables an event to be discovered as well as ticket purchase whilst on the go. Such impulse purchases can be shared, empowering attendees to share information about an event they are thinking of attending. If your target market’s peers also think it’s a good event then sharing such event information through social media and mobile apps has the potential to attract more attendees to the event.

Mobile technology, apps and social media also have major benefits during an event. Event mobile apps allow attendees to save their tickets in their mobile phone. And let’s face it, people lose their mobile phone a lot less than they forget their tickets! Plus, this facility has significant “green” advantages because you are providing your audience with no reason to print a ticket. Scanning a bar or QR code on a mobile ticket means that the event organiser gathers data live about who has walked in. This means he could for instance send a reminder at lunchtime to the registered attendees who have not showed up yet, reminding them of the afternoon’s agenda.

But organisers should not fear costly event registration and scanner services, as there are now mobile apps available that can turn your smart phone into a scanning device, saving on costs. There are numerous benefits, and the above examples are not exhaustive, but I hope it will leave you wanting for more information on mobile technology and help you think about the solutions you want for your event.