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Milestone Systems: How video technology enhanced public safety at Jelling Music Festival

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Crowd control and attendee safety naturally sit at the top of the list of priorities for event managers, for whom operating a safe and successful event is a key objective.

But crowd management can be a difficult and expensive task, requiring significant on-the-ground presence as well as strategic planning and overviews. So, is there potential for video technology to help make this process simpler, safer and more secure?

This approach was tested by the four-day Jelling Music Festival in Denmark, where the use of video technology, developed by Milestone Systems, helped support crowd management.

Aiming to create a safer environment for festivalgoers through real-time monitoring and swift incident response, festival organisers harnessed the power of video management to switch the focus of their physical security teams from surveillance to proactive control.

With 40,000 people attending the festival, organisers worked with Milestone Systems to install 60 smart video cameras at key areas including stages, entrances and throughout the camping area. These cameras were poised to spot and flag potential concerns – such as high concentration of bodies, falls, and crushes. An additional element of thermal imaging helped manage a key concern around halting illegal fires and campfires, using thermal cameras to instantly flag heightened temperatures.

“Good enough is not good enough,” said Peter Tanghus, head of security at the Jelling Music Festival. “The safety of the audience and guests must be first class. We are proud that, together with Milestone Systems, we also used the festival as a platform to develop new solutions that can be used at other large-scale events. For example, after testing last year, we have now installed thermal cameras in the campsite, so we can quickly detect and stop illegal campfires.”

Virtual command and seamless communication

One of the major benefits of taking this approach is the ability to bring all safety personnel into a virtual command centre. This centralised approach allows for seamless communication and coordination among security teams, medical staff, and other stakeholders. By having access to a comprehensive video feed, responders can quickly pinpoint the location of any incident and deploy assistance efficiently.

The live feed helps guide staff directly to the person in need, saving time which can be critical in emergency situations. This system also enables proactive monitoring, where security can identify and address potential issues such as overcrowding or individuals displaying signs of distress before they escalate.

Repositioning personnel to where they are most useful

It’s important to note that using technology in this way does not replace the need for a physical security team. Rather, its benefit comes in augmenting specialist staff and empowering them with greater detail and higher quality information that will allow them to perform their roles more effectively – which means that response times are faster.

At Jelling, all images were viewed and analysed via Milestone Systems’ video management software on 65-inch smart screens in the emergency office – a specially equipped truck. Feeds from 60 smart cameras around the site and thermal imaging cameras in the campsite were monitored throughout the four-day festival.

Jelling’s festival owners are now working towards plans for the 2025 festival where they aim to incorporate elements of number control to the system – for example, monitoring how many people are gathered at particular performance stages at any one time.

The use of advanced video technology at the Jelling Music Festival exemplifies how technology can significantly enhance public safety at large events, offering a robust framework for effective incident management, real-time communication, and comprehensive monitoring

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