MILOS announces acquisition of LITEC and TOMCAT

Czech Republic based trussing and staging manufacturer MILOS Group has announced the purchase of both LITEC and TOMCAT.

The new deal makes MILOS the largest global aluminium trussing and staging group with the addition of major manufacturing bases in Italy, Slovakia, Mexico and the US to strengthen its 250,000 square foot production facilities in the Czech Republic and Asia.

The acquisition strengthens MILOS’ international sales, manufacturing capacity and engineering infrastructure.

MILOS’s CEO Frantisek Zykan said: “Our strategy has always been to deliver the best products made to the highest standards of excellence with a quick, efficient turnaround. Having LITEC and TOMCAT on-board expands the ideas pool and product range to meet all staging needs.”

TOMCAT is based in Midland, Texas, and LITEC was founded in 1991 and operates out of a large manufacturing facility in Mogliano Treviso, Italy, with another manufacturing plant in Slovakia.