NASS Alex Lievesley

NASS Festival cancelled because gamble is “too big”

The organiser of NASS Festival has announced the cancellation of this year’s event.

In a statement, the organising team said: “Despite our best efforts, and the incredible support we’ve had from our wider festival family including our artists, athletes, suppliers and partners, running NASS this year has become impossible.

“Whilst the Government has announced an insurance scheme, it doesn’t cover us if guidelines around social distancing etc. change. With growing rumours that guidelines for events could change, talk of a lockdown and vaccine passports now due to come in at some point this month instead of October, it’s simply too big of a risk for us to try and go ahead.

“Festivals are big, complex beasts to run, with very high upfront costs. If we were to gamble, we run the risk of having to cancel a couple of days beforehand and taking a huge, eight figure financial hit. As an independent business and, after two years of not being able to run NASS, the financial burden this scenario would create is simply too much for us to bear.

“It would not only jeopardise the future of the show, but also put people’s livelihoods and jobs in danger. ”

Tickets will be automatically rolled over to NASS 2022, which will take place from July 7-10.

Image: NASS/Alex Lievesley