Bournemouth Air Festival

New air show to take place in Bournemouth as council reveals future of Air Festival

A new air show will take place in Bournemouth in the same month as Bournemouth Air Festival.

Compton Abbas Airfield will host Compton Abbas Air Show” on August 10-11, 2024.

The news follows confirmation that Bournemouth Air Festival 2024 will be the last that BCP Council continues to fund in its current format.

At a cabinet meeting, BCP Council agreed that it would invite proposals for an alternative model of delivery from 2025 onwards after the local authority acknowledged that there were financial and environmental challenges to running the festival.

The 2024 Bournemouth Air Festival will take place from August 29-31.

In 2023, the event took place over four days. The local authority had considered running the event over two days. However, a two-day event has been deemed unviable, especially if the air festival was impacted by unfavourable weather.

BCP Council’s Cabinet has agreed to the running of the air festival over three days at a net cost of £200,000 to BCP Council. The festival team will need to work with local businesses to bring in additional sponsorship, donations, external funding, and commercial activity of at least £100,000.

Furthermore, it has been agreed that there will be no council funding or direct staffing support for Bournemouth Air Festival beyond 2024, and therefore, a “robust approach” to finding sponsorship will be needed to fund future events.

Image: Bournemouth Air Festival