New research rates event catering as disappointing

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StoneleighParkVenues are offering event delegates unacceptably low standards of event catering – that was the headline finding to come out of new research, which suggests that event caterers need to step up to the plate.

According to the research by Stoneleigh Park, event organisers and attendees rate event catering as the most disappointing aspect of an event – 29 per cent of attendees and one in four organisers in fact.

The figures showed that one in three event/conference attendees (30 per cent) say the food is often tasteless and lacking in flavour. One in seven (14 per cent) complain of insufficient quantities or unappealing presentation (13 per cent), with a further one in 10 (11 per cent) saying that hot food was usually cold by the time it reached them.

One of the major complaints revealed by the study, which quizzed a combination of 750 event attendees and 250 event organisers, was that 27 per cent of event organisers and a huge 42 per cent of attendees feel it’s always the same unoriginal and uninspiring menus on offer at venues.

Sue Hargreaves, catering manager at Stoneleigh Park, commented: “This research really lays it on the table – so to speak! The food in the events industry is really not at the standard it should be. When event organisers and attendees both place it top of their list of gripes there is a real issue. It’s unacceptable in this day and age that event attendees are still being subjected to poor quality food, with quite a few respondents commenting they feared for their health on some occasions!

“We strongly believe there is no need for catering on a large scale to compromise in terms of quality, quantity, presentation, flavour or something as simple as hot food being served hot!”