New Sustainability Impact Strategy for Kendal Calling 2022

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Betternotstop, a sustainability impact agency, is working alongside From the Fields, organiser of Kendal Calling, to deliver the festival’s new Sustainability Impact Strategy for 2022.

The 35,000 capacity festival is already supporting numerous charities, both local and national, and is also committed to a range of sustainability measures, including banning single use plastic bottles on site and converting all lights to LEDs.

However, From the Fields asked betternotstop to help create an overarching strategy and develop an effective campsite and waste management action plan.

New sustainability and strategy measures include:

  • Launching the Leave Nothing But Memories Campaign, which is the overarching set of initiatives helping to increase Kendal Calling’s positive social impact.
  • Recruiting a Campsite Crew team dedicated to raising awareness of litter picking initiatives in the campsites and collecting data about audience behaviours.
  • Empowering traders, suppliers, artists and the audience to take more responsible, sustainable decisions and commit to the Trader Pledge to reduce their environmental impact.

This year, Kendal Calling is focused on reducing the total tonnage of tent and campsite waste left over after the festival. The team will also work on gathering valuable data to help inform future initiatives in the coming years.

Adny Smith, director of Kendal Calling, said:“It’s been a great opportunity to work alongside betternotstop and develop an action-driven plan about how to improve our social and environmental impact at the festival.

“We are really excited to welcome our Kendal Callers back to the stunning surroundings of Lowther Deer Park for the first time in three years. We are certain that the initiatives betternotstop are helping us to deliver will create a lasting legacy for the festival.”

Hannah Cox, founder of betternotstop, commented: “We have loved working alongside the Kendal Calling team to create, embed and deliver a full range of positive impact initiatives, some behind the scenes and others visible right across the festival site!”