NOEA Convention report: Olympic Park Legacy Company set to issue tenders

Clive Little, director of events and programming, Olympic Park Legacy Company, has revealed that the organisation is soon to issue a raft of tenders that will benefit suppliers and event management agencies looking for work in 2013.

Speaking to a gathered crowd of events professionals at the annual NOEA Convention, Little explained that the legacy company, which will soon be renamed the London Legacy Development Corporation, will require a temporary pavilion to sit within an area of the south park when the Olympic Park reopens as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2013.

The structure will measure 5,000-6,000 square metres and should be able to host small exhibitions, art fairs and hospitality.

Little also told delegates that tenders will also be published. There are plans for a winter festival – event management companies will be asked to submit proposals, and plans will also be required for a launch event to celebrate the official opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on July 27, 2013.