OnePlan Running Pack

OnePlan launches planning tool for organisers of running events

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OnePlan, the digital event planning tool, has released a new suite of tools, The Running Pack, which makes planning complex running events simpler and safer. The platform lets organisers plan road and cross country, professional and amateur events visually, utilising the most up to date 2D and HD maps, and with more than 130 specialised objects to place over many miles.

OnePlan has made the suite of tools completely free for anyone planning a running event. The Running Pack joins OnePlan’s Cycling and Triathlon solutions, and was created after OnePlan’s tools have been used to plan more than 5,000 events worldwide, and based on decades of CEO Paul Foster’s experience managing large crowds.

“You’d think there’d be nothing harder than managing a stadium of tens of thousands of fans watching a few hundred athletes,” said OnePlan CEO Paul Foster. “Now reverse that and spread tens of thousands of athletes over 5K, 10k, or even 42 kilometres. Add traffic closures, un-ticketed, unpredictable spectators, and all the complications of using public grounds, and you’ve got an absolute beast of a job. OnePlan’s Running Pack solves that.”

OnePlan recently announced that SweetSpot, which organises the Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour bicycle races, collaborated on The Bicycle Pack suite of tools and that World Triathlon partnered to create the Triathlon Pack. OnePlan also recently commenced partnerships with FIBA (the International Basketball Association), and the legendary motorsport site Silverstone.