Oxfam Stewarding looks to expand operation

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Oxfam is looking to expand its stewarding programme beyond the UK weekend festival market. Emma Parkinson, Oxfam’s stewarding manager, has been appointed to drive the organisation forward and double the size of its operation.

Oxfam Stewarding is now looking to move into day festivals, music, sporting and community events in a bid to add to the £1 million that has already been raised for the charity through its stewarding scheme.

Parkinsons said: “Our volunteer stewards, who encompass a broad demographic of people from young music fans to professionals and working mothers, are already known in the festival industry for their outstanding level of compassion, care, and commitment and we’re seeing an increasing market for this type of stewarding.

“We also see a great legacy opportunity for volunteering after the 2012 Olympics as the Game Makers programme will help raise awareness around the opportunities and benefits of volunteering at events and will train up hundreds of new volunteers.  We hope to encourage these volunteers to continue using the skills they’ve acquired in future years by giving their time to Oxfam Stewarding.”