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Perfect host: Why you should consider hosting your event in Glasgow

Have you considered hosting your event in Glasgow? Glasgow Life discusses why live event organisers should embrace the Scottish city

Glasgow set out to be an innovative, capable host for major events a generation ago, building new infrastructure and capability to develop an ecosystem that supports major one-off events, annual cultural gatherings, and a year-round programme of concerts and sport.

They share the same resources and infrastructure and build skills, relationships and links that the world’s event owners call on almost every day.

Glasgow’s achievements in hosting events over the last generation have redefined how the world views us.

From the Garden Festival in 1988 and City of Culture in 1990 to the Champions League Final in 2002, to the opening
of the Hydro in 2013, the incredible 2014 Commonwealth Games, the World Gymnastics Championships in 2015, the European Championships it shared with Berlin in 2018, COP 26, EURO 2020 matches, the UCI Cycling World Championships in 2023, and this year the World Athletics Indoor Championships, there’s no doubt that Glasgow works alongside event owners to deliver truly memorable occasions.

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Live events bring our heroes to our doorsteps. They also bring people to the city who build visits that go beyond Glasgow, taking them to the rest of the country, and supporting jobs in culture, tourism and the retail sector across Scotland.

The relationship between host city, the event owner and Scotland’s cultural, physical and economic health has always been understood and embraced by Glasgow.

We view major events as strategic tools for placemaking and destination marketing. As a smaller city, we have had tremendous success nurturing large-scale occasions to create a vibrant and welcoming identity and a sense of place where people want to live, work, play, do business and learn.

Over the years, we have reaped huge rewards. For example, according to Time Out (2022), Glasgow is in the top five city breaks in the world.

Major events are an immensely powerful way of bringing diverse communities together. They inspire passion, engagement, and identity like few other things. They change people’s lives.

Glasgow wants to continue to deliver successful major events, so we now create occasions that have the power to change every person’s life, regardless of age, ability, or income. We have already made a genuine effort to improve the accessibility of events hosted in the city.

Each decision to bid for an event in Glasgow rests in the local. It rests in the city’s dedication to ensuring the people of Glasgow get the opportunity to engage with the event and benefit long-term from enhanced opportunities for physical activity, health, wellbeing, volunteering and wider participation.

Post the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, we can demonstrate the event provided valuable stimulus in strengthening a move towards active travel and increased physical activity, and generated tangible, social benefits.

We want to attract events that connect, engage with, and leave positive impacts for our communities in a way that is sustainable long term, and leads to a lasting and positive behavioural change.

By working with local community organisations, charities and event partners, the goal remains to inspire a new sustainable approach, taking on board their needs, and breaking down barriers to participation.

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