Protec reveals new identity and announces extensive rebrand and restructure

Protec has refreshed its brand with a new logo, richer brand colours, and a fresh, user-friendly website.

This rebrand is the culmination of almost two years of reflection, research and carefully thought-out changes in structure, management, and processes.

Eimear O’Brien, marketing manager at Protec, said: “We wanted to create a brand that expresses our clean sense of aesthetics, showcases our commitment to quality, and instils confidence in our clients that we ‘get it’. Our detail-oriented approach has not changed. We have built a great reputation for consistency and reliability, particularly on high-profile events, and our obsession with that perfection remains true. We wanted to modernise and refresh our image to reflect our vision for the future and the positive operational changes we have introduced. These changes are to be ongoing and committed to continuous improvement and reflection as we enter a new season.

“Our goal is to build and develop existing client relationships and develop a brand that resonates with and attracts new clients. We have ample resources and expertise to deliver the most creative briefs with precision and finesse. On that note, we wanted a short tagline to communicate how we put our clients front and centre, listen carefully to their briefs, and offer inspiring solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We feel “Your vision, our expertise” communicates that succinctly. We have worked hard across all departments to make substantial changes and we believe now is the right time to introduce the new Protec to our clients, just as the season kicks off.”

Behind the scenes, Protec’s Middle East team of 70 has been optimising its processes and procedures including the introduction of new SOPs and resource planning and rental software. Plus, there has been new additions to the organisation including a new general manager, Matt Allen.

Allen said: “Protec has 96,000ft2 of warehouse space stocking an incredible inventory of industry preferred kit allowing us to deliver major events self-sufficiently without relying on market supply. Particularly now, in a time with massive supply chain issues and kit shortages, Protec is in a great position heading into the new season to meet our clients’ needs at short notice especially when access to resources has become a prevailing factor in the current market. Our autonomy helps us keep our pricing competitive. Having made significant investments in lighting and video in 2020 and with a dedicated team and facility in place, we offer our clients a comprehensive solutions package, from technical production to custom set and scenic pieces. We can do it all under one roof making life that bit easier for our clients. I have worked hard with the operations team to improve procedures and processes to ensure we surpass our client’s expectations and operationally, we run as smoothly as possible. I have every confidence in my team and what we have to offer. We have plans to build on our existing operation in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and we hope to have a team on the ground soon. We have collectively put a huge effort into making real changes and I look forward to seeing them pay off this season.”

Protec has leaned on its in-house resources during this overhaul, particularly its scenic workshop which includes a CNC machine and spray booth. Using repurposed and in-stock materials, the team has refreshed the reception area and updated the interior and exterior branding. One of the most impressive additions to Protec’s facilities is the Pre-Visualisation suite. This sound-treated dark room with a separate recording booth offers employees and clients an immersive viewing experience to help in the planning and visualisation of events. With a separate recording booth, Protec offers an opportunity for content or voice recording and much more.

This new brand extends across the entire group with the UK branch also getting on board with the new brand identity. Protec has a legacy stretching over 20 years delivering world-class major events including the spectacular live action opening ceremonies for IDEX 2013 -2019, UN-Habitat World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, UNITE with Tomorrowland, World Defense Show 2022 Opening Ceremony and Command Centre, the launch of the Qiddiya entertainment project, the launch of Saudi’s E-Visa, Special Olympics MENA Games Opening Ceremony, Pope Francis’ Visit to Abu Dhabi and the opening ceremony of Dubai Water Canal to name but a few.