Pylon One

Pylon One adds thermal imaging capabilities to Multiverse Analytics platform

Pylon One has consulted with events industry health and safety professionals, seeking their advice as to the how the events industry will re-open and attract visitors.

As a result, the event Wi-Fi and comms provider has now agreed a reseller arrangement with Optimal Risk, which means that organisers using Pylon One’s Multiverse Analytics platform, a real time data and analytics dashboard that uses API architecture, can now access thermal imaging solutions, as part of a package or as a stand alone module.

Pylon One has provided the industry with event analytics since 2015. Building on this experience, it has continually developed new products, specifically designed to provide data driven insight, resulting in the creation of the Multiverse Analytics brand in 2019.

Organisers and venues using Multiverse Analytics have access to people counters, facial recognition solutions, contactless ID and audience behaviour insights. But now venues and organisers also have access to thermal imaging and face mask compliance cameras. Events professionals have the ability to choose individual modules or combine several as one over-arching product offering.

Pylon One’s decision to add the thermal imaging module to its Multiverse Analytics brand gives venues and organisers 360 degree insight.

Mike Lang, sales and marketing director Pylon One, commented: “We have seen products coming to the market as a direct result of the COVID-19 challenges our industry faces. However it is very important that solutions that we develop or bring to the market have a life expectancy that far outlasts this pandemic and delivers value to the industry over the long term.

“As with some of our other modules, we have strategic partners and in this instance, we have selected and partnered with Optimal Risk. They have demonstrated to us that they fully appreciate the implications of someone presenting a raised temperature and how we must deal with these situations in a discreet and compassionate manner, as part of an overarching health and safety process.

“It is absolutely correct that innovation and entrepreneurial flair is encouraged in these very trying times. However, what is particularly pleasing, is that other than our thermal imaging capability, as Pylon One we have been actively promoting the value and power of analytics and insights to the events industry, successfully for a number of years.

“Positive feedback from our industry confirms that our Multiverse Analytics portfolio is well positioned to play a major role in our industries efforts to continue the fight back and indeed, come back even stronger, delivering even better live event experiences.”