RG Live

Raymond Gubbay rebrands to RG Live

Raymond Gubbay has unveiled a new trading name – RG Live – which it says reflects the organisation’s expansion.

Supported by parent company Sony Music Masterworks, the rebrand consolidates the organisation’s ambitions to become the “market leader in product innovation, diversification, and audience communication in the event and experience space”.

Anthony Findlay, CEO at RG Live, said: “Over the past decade we have seen an incredible development in the entertainment sphere. In order to best harness market appetite the company has responded swiftly and continuously both in its expansion and diversification of product, way beyond our original portfolio.

“We are proud of our heritage and will continue to present certain UK events and concerts under the Raymond Gubbay brand, however, RG Live will be the customer-facing trading name going forwards, under which we will continue to pool our creativity and event promotions.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful partners both here in the UK and around the world, and our own team in Sony Music Masterworks and RG Live whose tireless efforts to perfect our unique and market-leading portfolio have driven material growth and seen the company go from strength to strength. We look forward to continuing to create unforgettable events for everyone.”