Redwood delivers safety and crowd management for St Pauls Carnival

Redwood Event Solutions delivered safety and crowd management to St Pauls Carnival in Bristol, to support the events team through design, pre-planning and onsite delivery.

From the initial planning stage, Redwood worked closely with the St Pauls Carnival operations team, to help develop the event’s offering, advising on all crowd management aspects and supporting in their role as safety consultants. As part of the planning, Redwood created a detailed, multi-layer crowd management plan that built on learnings from previous years and considered how the event could deliver safely.

Jim Davey, managing director of Redwood, said: “St Pauls Carnival is one of Bristol’s largest events and the components of the carnival make it hugely popular to everyone in the city, which in turn brings some crowd management challenges.

“Planning for an event where there are no ticket sales to judge attendance levels and no specific entry or exit points, meant we had to analyse, predict and model how people would access, flow, part and leave the event site.

“This was no small task for the carnival, as simply turning the taps off and stopping the flow is simply not an option. The residential nature of the site and the enthusiasm of residents to have their own parties and sound systems within the event also added another dynamic to factor in.”

With a four-hour procession, including 17 floats and 10 dance troops, four music stages and a further 15 sound systems across the carnival, the event site was constantly monitored by the Redwood team, to identify and manage areas of high footfall and ensure the procession could make its way through the streets safely.

With a team of four experienced safety experts on site for carnival day, the Redwood team were present across the site and in event control, co-ordinating and chairing the bronze event control meetings and working closely with silver control to oversee the event.

LaToyah McAllister-Jones, executive director of St Pauls Carnival, said: “The Redwood team was integral to the success of this year’s St Pauls Carnival.

“Having worked on large scale events, they were able to bring that experience and expertise to our carnival, which was invaluable to the wider operations team during the planning and at the event. It was great to work with a Bristol company to deliver this element of the event too!”

Image credit: ItsJust.ART Media