Renault UK appoints Fusion Events to drive Z.E campaign

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Renault is to tour the UK allowing consumers to test drive its brand new Z.E (zero emissions) range of electric vehicles. Fusion Events has been appointed by Renault UK to organise weekend test drive events in 16 locations including Leicester, Norwich, Bournemouth, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol.

Each test drive event takes place over three days with the tour running until October. The aim is to educate visitors on the range’s unique selling points including reduced running costs and environmental benefits.

The Renault Z.E. tour will showcase Renault’s current range of zero emission electric vehicles – the Fluence Z.E., Twizy, and Kangoo Van Z.E. in use. A Twizy agility course and a geodesic dome will feature at each location where visitors can enter a prize draw and Reward Your Alter Eco challenge iPad app.

Geoff Mason, managing director, Fusion-Events said: “The tour is specifically designed to generate greater awareness for Renault’s range of electric vehicles and stimulate sales. With a range of different models to choose from, it’s definitely time to consider switching to a full electric vehicle, hence the theme of the tour. Our programme has been designed to educate attendees at our events on the unique selling points of the Renault Z.E. range and clearly demonstrate the advanced thinking behind the range offer, especially Renault’s battery leasing strategy making the cost of Z.E. ownership truly competitive with petrol and diesel vehicles.

“The tour will call at 16 locations, offering a choice of high footfall city centre activations and exclusive visitor attractions across the UK. Each event lasts for three days, covering a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, held within close proximity to Renault Z.E. dealers, Plugged-In Places charging infrastructure and identified centres for electric vehicle demand.”

At the heart of each city centre event will be a central purpose-built geodesic dome alongside a Twizy agility course. The dome will be the welcome point for all visitors who engage in the city-centre activities including the Twizy agility course demonstrations and on-road test-drives.

Within the dome, touch screen pods will provide information relating to battery range, charging times, pricing and the latest Plugged-In Places infrastructure, and a charge time calculator chart will practically outline what can be achieved from different charge times and at what low cost.