Research by Project Simply reveals festival marketing insights

Project Simply, a digital design agency, has revealed the results from its research into festivals across the globe.
The Festival Insights Report 2019 offers the shared opinion of 145 festival organisers on their marketing and digital brand experience. The report offers invaluable advice for festivals on how to grow their business in a crowded market space.
Project Simply found that more than 63 per cent of festival organisers only use basic data tracking, almost 75 per cent of small festivals feel they rely too heavily on social media, 92 per cent of festival organisers believe a good digital experience is key to success, and that social media influencers are not a good use of festival marketing budgets.
Christian Hill, founder of Project Simply, commented on the report: “It’s wonderful to see so many festivals predicting great times ahead, but equally concerning to see a shared uncertainty around how to forecast this success.
“This seems to be mainly due to marketing under-performance and escalating associated costs. From a digital perspective it’s important that festivals really get to grips with how they can grow, through better targeting and engagement of their customers.
“Festivals must start tracking more thoroughly so that money isn’t wasted and the cost of acquisition reduces.”