Retreat to The Brewery for exclusive hospitality offer this summer

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The Brewery has unveiled an exclusive hospitality offer that will run during the Olympics from July 27 until August 12.

The Retreat will be made up of six themed areas – The Park (pictured), a Great British Diner, a cinema, a country club for meetings, a nightclub with a late license and a backstage area complete with beauty professionals where guests can be pampered.

Guests can relax, conduct meetings or party and enjoy unrestricted wireless Internet access. To enjoy the hospitality, corporates must become a member for the entire 17-day period, which starts at £2,500 +VAT. This price is inclusive of all hospitality, unlimited food and drink and entertainment and grants members daily access, which is transferable between associates of the main holder but only allows one person access at any one time.

Maria Duddin, managing director, The Brewery, said: “The Retreat is an exclusive hospitality festival, which will run for the duration of the Games, and will have the Games as a backdrop. It’s a luxury retreat with themed areas – Best of British is our ethos but with a Brewery twist.

“The Retreat will be open from 7am until 2am, and they’ll be pool tables, simulators, shooting galleries, Champagne bars, a velvety, vintage cinema showing old British movies and classic music.

“We are looking at the corporate market, people who want to do business and also at HR departments, working with them to offer reward and recognition schemes. But it’s not just about the Olympics it’s about the summer party market.

“We’ve been planning The Retreat for two months, and we have a niche. There are lots of places that are offering a screen, a beer and a burger but we’re offering high-end, luxury where guests can either chill out, conduct a meeting or go to the nightclub.”

The Retreat has a capacity of 2,000 people per day.