Rob Curtis joins board of EMMC

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Founder and director of Event Footprints, Rob Curtis, has joined the board of the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition (EMMC), the non-profit membership organisation committed to driving credible, consistent measurement across the experiential marketing industry.

“I have been passionate about demonstrating the true ROI of live events to those outside the industry for some time, those whose decisions may have a direct effect on the events themselves. Deriving a clear set of universal, standardised metrics and measurement methodologies, clearly and easily understood by all parties, especially those outside the confines of the marketing and events disciplines, is why I started Event Footprints, so I was thrilled to join the EMMC Board,” explained Curtis.

Curtis has worked in live events, specifically event tech, for 20 years. His experience centres around how technology supports attendee experience and overall engagement at corporate events. Event Footprints currently helps B2B marketers and event owners capture the right data from various event and marketing platforms and visualise it with a supporting narrative to measure impact. In conjunction with Clevertouch Consulting, he has established Event Footprints as Europe’s largest Event Tech / Mar Tech consultancy, specifically focused on measurement.

“Aggregating and anonymising the data to create globally accepted, industry-wide benchmarks is essential for proving the value of all events in the marketing mix and demonstrating the value of effective measurement programmes. I am pleased to be part of EMMC and its quest to make this happen. The benefits will be felt by everyone involved in experiential marketing and their colleagues.”

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