Simon Hughes: A question of value

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SimonHughesSimon Hughes, chairman of Eventia, asks you to question whether you are actually of real value to your clients, or just another find on the bargain rail?

As January slinks off with its tawdry retinue of sales and clearances, bargains and end of season jumble sale desperation, we all hunker down to the long haul towards spring. In this grey winter, what can bring us cheer? What can we focus on that might lift our spirits and do us all some good?

Well, here’s my suggested tonic for the wintery season. Take some time out to think about the value of the goods and services that you provide to clients. I’m not talking about the mere financial value. Try looking at the relationship that you have with your key clients in a more rounded way – what is it that you bring that adds real value, which improves their businesses, making it easier for them to manage and be more effective?

It is an interesting exercise to undertake and one that should involve everyone that works on the account. No matter how painful some of the home truths can turn out to be, focussing on the real value that you bring to the party is a really useful exercise if you want to improve your business performance and enhance the relationship that you have with your clients.

It was Albert Einstein that said “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value” and paradoxically his great success was based on the value of a relatively few of his ideas that turned out to be works of genius – in his lifetime he published over 240 papers, many of which are now ignored or have been superseded.  So take a look at the value, not the quantity, the price, or the perceived success. You may just cheer yourself and your clients up a little bit too.