Sizzle Nightclub and El Paradiso Beach Club announce major digital transformation

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Sizzle Nightclub and El Paradiso Beach Club have announced an exclusive long-term partnership with to power the hottest events and personalized resort packages in Zante.

In a move that marks a first in the region, further expands its nightclub & resort offer to elevate the customer journey for both of the renowned venues in a permanent installation capacity.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sizzle and El Paradiso to enhance the customer journey at these renowned venues,” said James Turner, senior vice president of “Our innovative ticketing and integrated cashless solutions across both venues will make it easier for customers to enjoy nightlife and resort experiences in Zante. Together, we will create unforgettable moments for partygoers!”

A major highlight of the project is’s mobile-box office solution, which includes remote ticketing and wristband activation. This enables resort reps from outside the venues to make sales and activate tailored packages for customers from any location across the coastal resort town.

The roll-out includes a fully hybrid mobile POS solution that accepts card, mobile pay, and cash payments while activating RFID wearables for a cashless experience on-site. Smart wristbands will be linked to guests’ preferred payment method to use on-location.

“The idea is that guests won’t need to carry a wallet (and leave their phone in a locker), which is a huge bonus for anywhere where beachwear and pool parties are the norm.” Says Giorgos Soulis, spokesperson for El Paradiso.

“By utilizing’s cutting-edge solutions, we are elevating the customer experience. The rollout will future-proof our venue and enable customers to enjoy the unforgettable moments Zante has to offer!”

Petros Bonikos, owner of Sizzle Club said “We will enjoy all the benefits from direct data ownership, taking control of our ticketing marketplace alongside a secure cashless payment system – customers will enjoy the convenience of superfast entry, as well as quick and secure transactions throughout their visit and loyalty/rewards from our food & beverage brands.”

The solution is designed around’s sleek digital wallet product – which comes with budgeting and automated top-up & refund tools built in.

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