Soundforms to launch mobile stage

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Soundforms is to launch a mobile acoustic performance shell this evening, which is set to “revolutionise classical open air concerts”.

The new product is the idea of conductor and producer Mark Stephenson and has been developed in conjunction with BFLS, Arup Acousitc and ES Global.

The shell is an aluminium structure, clad on the outside with an inflatable skin and on the inside with a precision formed paneling system. The product has been granted a patent in the UK and will shortly receive final approval for patents in overseas territories, including USA, Europe and China, amongst others.

The aluminium structure, incorporating an acoustic peak to improve sound projection, was manufactured by Total Solutions Group, and the inflatable weatherproof outer skin has been designed and manufactured by Architen Landrell and Tensys. The acoustic panels have been made by specialist manufacturer, Fineline and the structure is being assembled by ES Global.

The structure is portable, versatile and affordable and available in three sizes with scope for customisation and branding.