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Sperry Tents reveals seven partnerships with UK structure suppliers

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Sperry Tents has announced exclusive partnerships with seven temporary structure providers in the UK, bringing the occasion tent to more of the UK market.

The new partnerships include All About ME (Chester), Boutique Marquees (Stratford-upon-Avon), JB Marquees (Henley on Thames), Fabler Events (Perth), Bonita Events (Channel Islands), Sperry Tents Southwest (Cornwall) and Stunning Tents (Henley on Thames).

The new partnerships will bring a range of tents and sizes, that have all been designed, handcrafted and produced by the Sperry family into the UK market for festivals, corporate and private events.

Ben Goode, founder and director at JB Marquees, commented: “It’s fantastic that we can share this sophisticated, innovative and beautiful space with our clients. Sperry Tents has built up an incredible reputation and are now the go-to for outdoor venues.”

The tents feature hand-sewn panels of oyster-coloured sailcloth and hand-milled spruce poles to construct the distinctive shape of the venue space. With its clear sidewalls and subtle nautical accents, the tents can provide between 100 – 300 covers.

Tom Bucknell, director of operations at Stunning Tents, said: “Clients these days want more than just a venue space, it needs to be an experience that they will remember. The distinct look of the tents adds impact to any celebration and encapsulates everything we love in a temporary structure.”

Tim Sperry, president of Sperry Tents, said: “The partnership means we can continue to reach out to people on a global level and share the Sperry story even more. This new development provides a truly unique offering for the UK market.”