Star Live launches Titan stage system

Star Live has revealed details of Titan, a new stage system that has been designed specifically as the “ultimate touring solution or festival focal-point”.

The stage will get its first outing at American Express presents BST Hyde Park before hosting world-class artists in 2022.

Star Live says that is has listened to its client-base and made a multi-million pound investment into three new, identical stages capable of delivering complex global tours. The Titan stages have a range of design features all tailored towards creating the “ultimate production facility for the world’s biggest artists”.

The stages will feature components designed for efficient trucking and container shipping, and huge rigging loads for complex technical productions.

They will also be available in a range of sizes – up to 30m wide plus wings, and up to 20m trim.

Roger Barrett, Star Live’s technical director, headed up the Titan project. All designs and structural engineering have been carried out by the Star Live team in the UK, with the manufacturing being handled by Star Live China in Shanghai.

Barrett said: “The development of the Titan stages represents another major step in the evolution of our stage designs, that recognisably began with the first VerTech stage in 1990), with each new iteration being improved by our continuing worldwide experience. The introduction of Titan will allow us to improve our delivery of global tours and major festivals with the most demanding technical production requirements.”