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A solid base for your event is essential. Quite literally. Stand Out looks at some flooring case studies…

As award ceremonies go there’s a common room arrangement – a central stage surrounded by tables and chairs. How then do you create the “wow” factor when tasked with making your guests sit up, stay alert and be surprised by something they weren’t expecting?

This very mission was laid at the feet of Lindum Turf as it was asked to transform the 1,000 square metre ballroom at the Dorchester Hotel into a day at the races, ready for 350 guests attending the Betview Awards.

Green grass grown in Yorkshire was transported to London to arrive on the morning of the event. The transformation took just a matter of hours as the turf was rolled out on top of the existing carpet, which was protected by a thick waterproof membrane.  This was in plenty of time for the chairs and tables to be placed on top and laid ready for the event.

Event Turf is real grass growing in a felt carpet. It is perfect for indoor use as it is completely soil-less so it can be removed leaving no mess behind, and it is extremely strong and flexible making it easy to install and remove.

David Barnes, director of Lavender Green, which worked with Lindum to provide the grass carpet said: “We were approached by Betview to create a real feel for the ‘Turf’ and a day at the races, thereby bringing the outside in and creating a real ‘wow’ factor on the awards night. It created an amazing atmosphere, even the smell was authentic!”

Stand Out has also utilised Event Turf – at Event UK the turf was a real stand stopper, as visitors couldn’t believe that our very own Stand Out campsite was sat on top of real grass. Once again, Lindum Turf is helping the team to stand out at International Confex, providing turf for the exhibition stand once more.

Fielding enquiries

The above is a perfect example of how just one single element can do so much for one event – altering perception and setting a benchmark for the tried and tested to aspire to.  It just takes one person to think outside the box, and voila, you have something that stands out.

Welsh artist Mark Folds recently called upon the expertise of Prima to help him with an exhibition exploring the theme of low flying aircraft. Folds created on a hillside two sheep from Prima Palette Pearl by using a gridded scaled drawing, cutting the shape with a craft knife and then securing each template to the hillside using 200 tent pegs!

Each sheep was designed to look skywards for low flying jets as his home is situated in Zone Seven of the RAF’s low flying training area. The exhibition lasted six weeks and created quite a sensation amongst the local community!

Prima’s carpet was chosen to create the sculpture because it is lightweight and portable – a key factor when laying flooring on a hill. As Jeremy Simpson, Prima’s business development manager explains. When flooring can create carpet sheep there’s not limit to what organisers and exhibitors can achieve.


Jonathan Vaughan, managing director of Prima, adds: “For all those involved in the events industry, the past 12 months have been somewhat turbulent and we have all had to re-evaluate and re-group considerably. Like all companies, Prima is not immune to the pressures on the general economy and 2009 certainly presented some challenges for the business. Fortunately, we were able to combat these with several positives.

“Due to the inclement weather of the past year, demand for our access solutions systems, Prima Gridmat portable flooring and Prima Terra-Tech instant roadway, was at an all time high and these were definitely our most popular requests of 2009. The success of these systems is their simplicity and flexibility, neither requires any special tools and both are entirely man-handleable, which when combined with their eco-credentials makes them the first choice product for any event. In the summer of 2009 alone, the team installed PRIMA Gridmat and Prima Terra-Tech at over 110 events, including Polo in the Park, the National Special Olympics and Southport Flower Show.

“2010 is already looking promising and we are launching an application to further enhance Prima Gridmat.”

Positive outlook

According to David Walkden, head of sales and marketing, Eve (formerly Eve Trackway), 2010 will see all major events going ahead as usual, with some organisers who got their fingers burnt being a lot more cautious. Walkden suggets that it’s unlikely that there will be an influx of new events taking place this year.


Now joining Eve’s popular Box Trakpanel – a heavy-duty temporary access solution – it has launched X Trakpanel, an aluminium panel with a hexagonal profile and a more pedestrian-friendly surface than the K panel. The X Trakpanel will, Eve says, provide greater flexibility through an overlapping joint system and as a result are capable of accommodating anything from pedestrians to heavy traffic and equally heavy vehicles.

Walkden commented: “We aim to stay one step ahead of the field with service and product innovations and these new panels are very versatile and easily adapt to all sites and conditions. The panel is made of less aluminium than a K panel, making it lighter so allows more to be transported at any time, thereby reducing the environmental impact. It can also be used for both roadways and walkways, providing the same properties as both Eve’s heavy and medium duty aluminium panels.

Eve is this summer working on both the National Urdd Eisteddfod and Goodwood, as it has just signed a new five-year partnership with Goodwood Road Racing Company. Eve will undertake the supply, installation and recovery of all temporary access roadways and walkways, fencing, crowd control barriers and terracing. The partnership will see Eve working at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, the Goodwood Revival in September and new event – Vintage at Goodwood.

Perfect fit

Like Eve, TPA is also looking forward to a busy 2010. Amanda Cruxton-Chance, TPA’s business development director, tells Stand Out that it is developing a new product, a light duty roadway, which will be ideal for use as marquee flooring.

TPA recently completed an unusual contract by assisting the National Grid with the installation of an indoor pylon at its AGM held at the ICC Birmingham.

In order to install the centrepiece, a 33-ton crane required access, which meant that TPA needed to install its Traxpanels to protect the floor of the ICC. It installed a double element of panels measuring 18 metres long by six metres wide over a sponge base before the crane could place the 12,200kg concrete base required for the pylon. All this had to be done within a timescale of two hours on a Sunday morning.

Ian Burney was TPA’s engineer on-site: “This was a tight installation and unusual for us as we’re more used to laying panels outside then indoors! We also had to work closely with Hewdens to ensure the base was in place as per the Grid’s requirements and timescales. They were delighted with the end result which certainly resulted in a talking point for the meeting.”