Thank you for attending the Sustainability Workshop at Event Buyers Live.

The session discussed many different topics. We appreciate that you might wish to look up further information when you are back at your desk.

Make a brew and please look at the numerous resources below:

The Sustainability Workshop was led by Ellie from isla. Check out what they do HERE.

The Global Context

Almost all of our transport comes from burning fossil fuels, a process that is a major contributor to global warming. We need to limit global temperature rises to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius to preserve a liveable climate, therefore we must urgently reduce emissions from travel. Watch this video on climate change and transportation.

This website 👉 gives a breakdown of global CO2 emissions from transport for 2018. Click HERE.


Event Specific Travel Impacts: 

AIF 10 year report: 2008-18 – section on audience travel habits and impacts.

Julie’s Bicycle Moving Arts Vol.1 p19-20 showing Percentage of GHG emissions by source for various types of live events.


Measuring Emissions

Watch What to Measure and How: Transport section: from the Association of Festival Organisers 2021 Annual Conference

How to find vehicle emissions per mile/km In the UK, The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) supplies information on CO2 per vehicle and passenger-mile/km, which can be used to work out the average emissions created per passenger- or vehicle-mile. These can also be used across Europe, although they are based on UK averages. Click HERE.

For company-owned or hired vehicles, you can go directly to the manufacturer to find out the vehicle’s CO2 per mile/km emissions.


Tools to help you record travel data: 

ecolibrium Travel Log Tool (offline): Email to receive or use the free ecolibrium Travel Log App.

Julie’s Bicycle IG Tools. Click HERE.


Taking Action – at events:

Read the ecolibrium Sustainable Travel Guide for festivals and events pages 17-18 for an action plan and template.

The Show Must Go On report: Chapter on the impacts of travel, measuring and reducing emissions at UK outdoor events.

Explore all the Future Festival Tools inspiration stories on the website HERE.

Sonntag Festival Tackles Travel case study HERE.

Learn more about reducing impacts at events and explore how to tackle artist travel HERE.

For Suppliers

Further information to guide contractors on fuel and carbon savings can be found at The Freight Portal.

Read and join the Plant Charter at the Supply Chain School.

For Artists

Ecolibrium Sustainable Travel Guide for Artists and the Music Industry. Click HERE.

Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency. Click HERE.

A Greener Festival: A Greener Tour. Click HERE.

More Useful Information and Case Studies

Festival Sustainable Festivals – Self-assessment. Click HERE.

Future Festivals E-Learning Course. Click HERE.

Platinum Jubilee Pageant Sustainability Report