Targeted approach

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With over 40 years experience in the trailer and towing industry, Bankfarm Trailers says event and exhibition trailers offer considerable marketing benefits when you have a moving target…

The benefits of directly marketing one’s products or services on the high street, at out of town outlet centres and at county shows are all well established. Even where companies already have a traditional shop premises in the town centre, they generally derive considerable marketing benefit from a temporary marketing or merchandising trailer, placed perhaps just yards away from their established outlet.

Temporary structures positively encourage footfall, much more so than a traditional premises set back in terraces along with other shops; adding some gizzits such as key rings, or balloons for children further encourages the public to meet and talk freely with sales and marketing staff. This formula has already generated much success for charities, colleges and universities, double glazing companies and rugby and football teams selling club merchandise. One national newspaper reported having over 5,000 people passing through their trailer in a single day. The trailer was positioned in the city centre and created a venue where visitors could meet two well-known professional footballers. How many other marketing methods can demonstrate such a powerful, direct and immediate result?

Bankfarm Trailers Limited has over 40 years experience in the trailer and towing industry and with a modern manufacturing facility in South Wales, it is well placed to offer a first-class design, consultancy and build service to potential clients. The company is a Quality Secured member of the National Trailer and Towing Association and has many blue chip clients, both in the UK and overseas. These include national and local government, the Armed Forces, The Red Cross, the Rugby Football Union and premier division football clubs. Exhibition trailers and motorised units are designed in conjunction with the client and then built using modern materials, which ensure both a high-class finish and long service. Following the client/supplier design meeting, the design is drawn up using in-house CAD facilities, with the drawings being supplied for client approval. After client approval, manufacturing begins in earnest and a few weeks later the finished trailer/motorised unit is delivered to the client ready for use, which often includes customised signwriting or a full marketing wrap.

Together with comprehensive and certificated 230V AC vehicle electrical systems, Bankfarm Trailers is also able to supply portable generators with LPG or diesel prime movers. The generators might be necessary where a 16A hook-up is not available and the user requires an electricity supply for monitors, sound systems and computer equipment.

The subject matter experts at Bankfarm Trailers are able to advise potential clients about the size and design of trailers, which are acceptable to local authorities and shopping malls. Of course, it is also necessary to design the trailer such that it is attractive to the buying public and Bankfarm Trailers can help clients to find that all important balance.

Trailers range between 2.5 and seven metres in length and up to 3,500 kilogrammes maximum authorised mass. The smaller trailers can be towed by medium-sized saloon cars, which are often already part of the client’s fleet, while the larger units will require a 4 x 4 vehicle such as a Land Rover Discovery or VW Touareg. Motorised units are produced up to 5,500 kilogrammes maximum authorised mass.

So, whether you are a national charity looking to raise funds, a college or university looking to recruit students, a football club looking to sell a new strip,
or a financial institution looking to find new savers – Bankfarm Trailers is the established quality secured partner to have.