The Neon Lounge’s “ribbon-cutting” event took place this week

Electric Cat Productions host launch event for new industry podcast, ‘The Neon Lounge’.

Following the announcement of its new events and marketing podcast, ‘The Neon Lounge’, Electric Cat Productions hosted an evening of celebrations in London this week. The event brought together the industry-leading guests featured in the podcast’s debut season, and events professionals from far and wide, to mark the launch of this exciting venture.

The Neon Lounge podcast officially launched at the Event Production Show in February. Now with four episodes available, hosts Cat Kevern and Eloise Newing have already dug deep into topics of imposter syndrome, burnout, issues faced by women in the industry, life as a CEO, and much more, garnering a five-star rating and over 300 plays in the first few weeks.

Commenting on Harriet Grace’s episode, the director at Accept Management, Nikkita Palmer says, “I love the conversation about burnout and how this doesn’t always happen in the high season” adding, “It’s refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one who struggles to be in an office constantly through the winter season.” Cat Kevern, director of Electric Cat Productions, shared, “It’s an absolute privilege to have such meaningful conversations with incredible guests. We’re learning so much with each episode and I hope that is reflected in terms of takeaways for our listeners”.

Episodes of The Neon Lounge are now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, with new releases every Thursday. To stay up-to-date, be sure to like and subscribe. For more information about Electric Cat, or to apply to feature as a podcast guest, visit the Electric Cat website.

Please note: This is a promotional feature