The Zest Group takes over hospitality at Spains Hall

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The Zest Group has won a seven-year hospitality management contract at Spains Hall, in Essex.

The deal is estimated to be worth £2 million in revenue to The Zest Group.

The Elizabethan country house is now available to host corporate events and conferences for the first time, nationally.

The Zest Group had previously been appointed to the preferred supplier list, as a caterer, prior to winning the contract to oversee hospitality for both private and corporate events.

“The location, practicality and distinction of Spains Hall make it an ideal venue for a corporate event, whether it is a product launch, team building session, gala dinner or conference,” commented The Zest Group’s managing director, Steven Hancock. “It is an honour to work within such a wonderful family property that is a perfect combination of history and 21st century design for today’s corporate needs. The Ruggles-Brise family’s vision for the property has been phenomenal and will doubtlessly cement Spains Hall’s reputation as an enjoyable, welcoming and practical corporate events destination.”