Touch launched by industry heavyweights

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Patrick Collins, Nick Bender, Colette Murphy and Mike Ford have launched Touch Associates. The new venture will be based in Leatherhead, Surrey, and offer venue finding, event management, event communications, design, event production and meetings consultancy.

Collins, Bender, Ford and Murphy are all directors of the agency, and each will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business as well as a variety of clients.

“Amongst the many things we have in common, our passion for delivering the exceptional, and most importantly our desire to get back to the front end really excites me,” said Mike Ford. “I am looking forward to working intimately with clients to craft creative events and customer engagement, which is where we can have the most impact, and be of greatest benefit to our clients.”

Mike Ford, ex-managing director, UniversalProcon, Colette Murphy, ex-operations director, UniversalProcon, Nick Bender, ex-managing director, Grass Roots EventCom Group, and Patrick Collins, ex-owner and chairman, Universal CIT, unveiled the company today.