Postcards from Midlife Live

Touchpoint Live Media launches Postcards From Midlife Live

Touchpoint Live Media and Postcards From Midlife podcast have joined forces to launch the first event in the midlife space.  Postcards From Midlife Live, a lifestyle and well-being event, will take place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, on May 19-20, 2023.

The event will consist of six dedicated zones tapping into all aspects of midlife, from fashion and beauty to sex, dating and relationships as well as hobbies, travel and adventure. Each day the zones will be the hub for inspiring sessions hosted by experts and celebrities, coming together to empower women.

A series of one-hour ‘How to Win at Midlife’ talks will also be led by industry experts from the worlds of health, fitness, nutrition, careers, parenting, health and wellbeing. Guests will be offered advice and resources to help them get the most out of this lifestage, especially with support through peri-menopause and menopause. Guests will also be able to visit The Midlife Playroom, where they’ll be encouraged to unleash their creative potential in a series of artistic workshops from writing, painting and textiles, to photography and floral design.

Touchpoint Live Media has teamed up with Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin, the co-hosts of the podcast, Postcards From Midlife, for this event. With multi-million downloads of their podcast, Candy and Halpin have pioneered the conversation around midlife and built a thriving community, crafting a space for women to feel seen and heard – the perfect springboard from which to launch Postcards From Midlife Live. The dynamic duo will be taking to the stage in the main auditorium and offering a programme of one-hour sessions featuring live recordings and interviews with celebrities, expert panel guests and incredible real-life stories from awesome women.

Postcards From Midlife Live offers women over 40 the opportunity to learn from experts in a stylish and inclusive environment and to hear about other women’s experiences of their midlife journeys, including celebrity guests of the podcast. It is the only UK event focused on health, wellbeing and lifestyle for women who want to embrace their midlife positively and stylishly.

Candy and Halpin said: “We are so excited to be working with Touchpoint Live Media to bring our podcast to life and continue to advise and guide the huge community of midlife women around us across all our platforms through this stage of their lives. We are uniquely positioned to deliver this event given our magazine editing backgrounds, many of our readers are now listeners of the podcast and they are incredibly engaged with the content we provide because they have known us for many years and trust our authority on this subject.  The listeners have been asking for us to do this since the early days of the podcast and now we are in a position to deliver something authoritative, entertaining and ground-breaking.”

Nicole Cooper, CEO of Touchpoint Live Media, said: “Lorraine and Trish are a great choice for us to work with on this fantastic new project. Postcards From Midlife is a credible, trusted, and entertaining brand within this sphere. Lorraine and Trish’s witty, candid and informative chats have created a community for women to share their worries, concerns and questions in a safe and supportive environment and provide the perfect platform from which to launch this exciting new event.”