All Points East takes place at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets residents petition against decision to host more events in Victoria Park

Tower Hamlets residents have signed a petition criticising the council’s decision to increase the number of major events allowed to be held at Victoria Park, London, each year.

In November, Tower Hamlets Mayor and the local authority cabinet approved a report which will see the number of major event days increase from 10 to 12. Also, the report agreed to increases in event capacity. For large event days, capacities will increase from 5,000 to 20,000 and capacities for medium-sized events will increase from 500 to 5,000.

Now, 160 residents have signed a petition that will be presented at a council committee meeting today (January 24).

The petition calls on Mayor Rahman to reverse the council’s decision and consult with residents on plans.

The petition states that the decision to increase the number of events held at the park is a  “terrible idea” that would ruin the park, the neighbourhood, and the environment.

The petition reads: “It would mean more noise, more traffic, more waste, and more pollution in our area. It would also mean less access and less enjoyment of the park for us, especially for our families and children who need the park during the summer holidays. Mayor Rahman is doing this because he wants to make more money from the park, without caring about the impact on us and the environment.”

Victoria Park hosts several large events, including All Points East and Field Day.

Image: All Points East