Upfest launches New York graffiti train for events

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Event organisers can now lay their hands on a unique feature for festivals and events, the Upfest New York Style Subway Train, complete with graffiti artists to decorate it “live” on site.

The train carriage, which was designed and built by the Upfest team, can be styled to suit your event with specially selected graffiti artists to spray up the steel exterior, while the interior can be used for graffiti workshops, hospitality or simply an event feature area.

Upfest hosts the largest street art festival in Europe annually in Bristol, ensuring access to the most sought after street artists. The team work with corporate event organisers and festival directors alike to create graffiti and illustration experiences, which has led to the creation of the subway train for events.

Upfest director, Stephen Hayles explains” “Street artists are always looking for unusual surfaces to animate and the NY subway train idea came about for the festival originally, it went down so well with visitors and artists that we decided to make it available for hire. We can help organisers to select artists to suit the event or brand involved and also enable visitors to have a go with a spray can themselves in a workshop.”

The train which measures a whopping 14m x 2.2m and can be set up on site in less than two hours, has a plain silver exterior, making it a blank canvas for organisers and artists.