US events industry to adopt UK Event Safety Guide

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A US specific version of the UK’s Event Safety Guide is to be created in the next four months. A meeting of members of the Event Safety Alliance and Mitch Daniels, the Governor of Indiana, on Monday called for the adoption of best practice.

The HSE’s The Event Safety Guide will be used as an interim reference manual until a US specific version is created in the coming months, utilising the work already contained in the Indiana Tomasetti and Witt reports.

“This is a massive leap forward that the consideration of life-safety will remain at the forefront of these event,” stated Jim Digby, executive director, Event Safety Alliance.

In the coming months, the Event Safety Alliance will form a group of industry professionals designated to work with industry and government agencies such as homeland security, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Protection Association.

The group will help US agencies to:

  • Build a consensus, both in the public and private entertainment sectors, to adopt the current HSE Event Safety Guide (“The Purple Guide”) as the interim best practices manual for the United States.
  • Adapt “The Purple Guide” in collaboration with European partners, creating and managing the working and steering groups of industry professionals in the US, with the goal of creating “The Event Safety Guide US,” a universal set of best practices for the industry.
  • Work with government and industry leaders to find the best strategies for inspection practices.
  •  Aid in creating task specific training and certification programs for all levels of individuals involved in risk management.
  • Continue to grow the culture of life safety first as priority.