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Vision: 2025 launch annual outdoor Event Industry Green Survey

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The eighth annual Outdoor Event Industry Green Survey is now live.

Launched by Vision: 2025, the survey is designed to track UK outdoor event industry’s sustainability journey and the priorities and challenges faced by organisers in 2022.

The survey asks event organisers about environmental measures in place, barriers to success, and plans for the future, plus what resources are needed to make progress. It provides a vital picture of the sector’s practices, to chart development, and to shape support for event organisers. The Outdoor Event Industry Green Survey is open until December 16 and takes around five minutes to complete.

In 2015, results from the first survey contributed to the report on the environmental impacts of the UK outdoor event industry; The Show Must Go On and the launch of Festival Vision: 2025 – a shared vision for a sustainable event industry. In 2020, aggregated annual survey results informed the updated Show Must Go On report edition two.

This year, in direct response to issues around reducing and handling waste consistently ranking as a top priority for outdoor event organisers participating in the survey, the Vision: 2025 steering group undertook a research project with Julie’s Bicycle to deepen understanding about waste management and its impacts at outdoor festivals, aiming to set the industry on a course to overall waste reduction, zero waste to landfill, and increased recycling rates. The resulting ‘Zero Waste Festivals Project report and recommendations are due to be launched in January 2023.

Chris Johnson, chair of Vision: 2025 comments: “The annual survey allows us to focus our support for events, for instance, waste has been a priority for organisers in the survey, and we secured funding to research barriers and solutions in 2022.”