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Wernick Power Solutions invests in sustainable energy technologies for a greener future

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Wernick Power Solutions has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions with a significant multi-million-pound investment in cutting-edge technologies. Fuelled by a recent £2.1 million investment, the company continues its dedication to a more sustainable future by deploying VoltBanks, Flybrids, SolarFrames, and other innovative solutions.

With a steadfast focus on service excellence and environmental responsibility, Wernick Power Solutions remains at the forefront of innovation. Building upon past investments, including a notable £10.8 million allocation in 2023, the company’s latest financial commitment reflects its dedication to providing clients access to state-of-the-art sustainable energy solutions.

Nick Crane, general manager, emphasised the importance of innovation in driving positive change. He said: “Our investment in VoltBanks, Flybrids, and SolarFrames represents a strategic step towards enhancing operational efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and championing sustainable practices across industries.”

VoltBanks, integral to Wernick Power Solutions’ sustainable energy portfolio, offers a scalable and efficient battery storage solution, while managing power distribution efficiently across various applications. Leveraging advanced Flybrid technology empowers clients to optimise energy usage, reduce generator sizing and fuel consumption, minimise environmental impact, and improve overall operational performance.

Wernick Power Solutions’ investment in SolarFrames underscores its commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources. Through the strategic deployment of solar panels atop modular and standalone accommodation, the company facilitates the seamless integration of solar energy into temporary power solutions, driving significant reductions in carbon emissions and reliance on traditional energy sources.

“We are proud to lead the adoption of VoltBanks, Flybrids, and SolarFrames in pursuit of sustainable energy solutions,” remarked Crane. “By leveraging these innovative technologies, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our customers while empowering clients to embrace a greener, more sustainable future.”

Wernick Power Solutions is part of the Wernick Group of companies. From humble beginnings, the company commemorates 90 years of business in 2024. This latest investment reaffirms the Group’s enduring legacy of innovation, integrity, and environmental stewardship. It plans to be carbon net zero by 2040.

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