Woodhouse wins three-year Bramham contract

The Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trails has signed a three-year contract with Woodhouse Specialist Event Services for the supply of its temporary stabling, trade stands and feature band stand for the event, which takes place from June 7-10 at Bramham Park, West Yorkshire, and attracts over 50,000.

Woodhouse, which has been supplying temporary stabling to Bramham for over 20 years, will provide the event with five blocks of Stable Barns, each one stabling 30 horses.

Nicholas Pritchard, event director, Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials said: “This alliance is a great boost for us. Our competitors expect only the best from Bramham, and Woodhouse supply just that. We’ve had a long, successful relationship and having this commitment helps us to plan ahead, keep on budget and, of course, get the best stabling possible.”