Cinewav is providing services to Danang Fireworks Festival

Cinewav provides synchronised audio via mobile phones for Danang International Fireworks Festival

Global 2000 International has turned to Cinewav to provide synchronised audio via mobile phones for the 2023 Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2023) in Vietnam.

Working with main sponsor Sun Group, international consultancy, Global 2000 International has contracted Cinewav to provide high-quality synchronised audio so that locals and tourists can listen to a clear, crisp soundtrack using their smartphone in perfect sync with the fireworks themselves.

For each scheduled firework event, visitors can download the Cinewav app to their smartphone from Apple, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery, get the audio ticket free of charge and press “Play”. All spectators have to remember is to bring earphones/headphones.

Nadia Shakira Wong, managing director of Global 2000 International, said: “DIFF 2023 is back and it’s bigger than ever. We’re breaking all records in fireworks design and innovation. With Cinewav, the whole city can enjoy the full experience of the fireworks which are carefully choreographed to musical scores. DIFF 2023 is combining the very best in knowledge and a rich history in beauty, danger, and invention without boundaries.”

Now in its 11th edition, Danang International Fireworks Festival runs from June 2 to July 8, 2023. This year, the festival theme is Light Up a Borderless World with fireworks displays from the very best in the pyrotechnics world including a local Vietnamese team and seven international teams – Art Eventia (France), Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics (Australia), Joho Pyro Professional (Finland), Martarello Fireworks Company (Italy), Pyrotex Fireworx Company (United Kingdom), Surex Firma Rodzinna (Poland) and TW Hand Fireworks Co (Canada). Each team lights up the sky with fireworks and to set the mood, a bespoke melody and soundtrack are created to evoke strong emotions and rapture.

Andrew Howard, director of Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics, described his involvement at DIFF 2023: “We have designed and programmed every single pyrotechnic effect to launch and burst in perfect time with the music soundtrack. The audiences being able to immerse themselves in the emotive music soundtrack and then be mesmerised by the magic of our fireworks effects dancing in perfect synchronisation with the music is what we always want to achieve in producing our displays. Together the fireworks and the music soundtrack create a powerful pyromusical production, a once in a lifetime event experience creating vivid memories they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“Cinewav ensures that a broader audience at our fireworks displays are able to tune into the music soundtrack and hear the powerful music scores and enjoy pyromusical production.”

Using Cinewav offers significant benefits to event organisers. Howard continued: “Traditionally event sites have a large-scale audio distribution system installed in main audience areas but not in all spectator vantage points. Our fireworks displays can be designed to be viewed by spectators spread over several kilometres of an event site or city not just the front row of seats. This technology gives the power of music to the people to ensure they can hear the music soundtrack.”

Christian Lee, co-founder of Cinewav said: “This is the first fireworks festival that Cinewav has been involved with and we are proud to be a significant part of it.”