Y Not Festival

Y Not Festival postponed until 2022

The organiser of Y Not Festival has announced the postponement of the 2021 event. Set to take place at Pikehall, Derbyshire, from July 30 until August 1, Y Not is the latest festival casualty after being placed in an “extremely awkward position”.

The organising team said that the felt that they had no choice but to postpone the event, giving festivalgoers the option to roll their tickets over to 2022.

A statement on the Y Not website read: “We have now been placed in an extremely awkward position. We are yet to receive the Government’s guidance from their pilot schemes and the lack of a Government-backed insurance package, amidst rising COVID cases both locally and nationally makes us unable to fully commit to the next stages of planning needed for this year’s event without greatly risking the future of Y Not Festival.

“Behind the scenes, we have been doing everything possible to make this year’s festival a reality. We have persevered as long as we could and looked at all of our options, including putting ourselves in the running to be part of a Government-sponsored Events Research Programme. Unfortunately, we were not selected for this.

“We know how desperately you all need a music festival this year and we feel exactly the same, which is why we have pushed to the absolute limit in order to explore every possibility of going ahead.

“This week, we would usually start building our festival site and whilst all the planning is done and we are good to go, we now find ourselves in a position where we are unable to commit to the build of the site, as we have no solid guarantee of it being allowed to take place.

“Despite positive Government rhetoric, there is still little information we can rely on.

“With further delays being a possibility and no guarantees from the Government, everything we have built over the last 15 years could be lost if we carry on this year.

“Given that cases are rising again, and with the support of our Safety Advisory Group, we have determined that the risks are too great to commit and continue with Y Not Festival 2021.

“We are an independent music festival and we are making this decision for the long-term survival of our beloved festival, so we can continue to be able to bring amazing music to the beautiful Peak District.

“We are devastated to be in this position once again and it is a hard pill to swallow, particularly when we were so close to selling out.

“We are happy to confirm that all tickets, upgrades and glamping will automatically be rolled over to 2022 which will take place from July 29-31.”