Controlled Events

You can now attend a control room operations management course

People are the key success factor in a control room; this innovative course (control room operations management course) is aimed at anyone working in an event control room who needs to understand the command-and-control elements of events and incident management. Roles may include:
Event Directors
Event Managers
Control Room Operators
Stakeholders who operate in Event Liaison Teams
Suppliers and freelancers working in event control rooms

The training delivery team has practical experience over thousands of hours of control room operations and incidents; the course will support the trainee’s development of skills,
knowledge and competencies in designing, managing, and working in control rooms.

The control room operations management course is being delivered in Birmingham on 29-30th April and then in London and other cities; for further information and to enquire about dates please visit

Should your organisation have 10 or more attendees, we can deliver the course in-house, tailored to your events and experience on a bespoke basis.

Please note: This is a promotional feature